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About Us

About Us

What is Hospice Care?

It is a holistic approach to caring for patients going through the last stages of their lives. It aims to meet all needs (physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual) so as to alleviate suffering and maximise quality of life for patients and their loved ones.

Who are we?

Dover Park Hospice was founded in 1992 as a secular, nonprofit organisation to meet the growing need in Singapore for hospice care for terminally-ill patients. It is Singapore’s first purpose-built hospice, designed to provide a serene environment close to nature.
Dover Park Hospice was started by volunteers, and today volunteers continue to play an integral role in all aspects of hospice work, from patient care to social activities and administrative support. They are an important complement to the permanent staff, working together for patients and their families. 
Open to everyone regardless of age, race, religion or income level, Dover Park Hospice is dedicated to meeting the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who are nearing the end of life’s journey.   The goal is to enhance the living, comfort the dying and support the grieving with compassion and dignity.
At Dover Park Hospice, Every Moment Matters.  Since opening its doors to the first patient in 1992, we have brought care and comfort to more than 11,000 terminally-ill patients and their families through a programme of active and compassionate service. 
To cover its operating expenditure which is estimated at $14 million per year, Dover Park Hospice relies a lot on fundraising activities and kind donations from generous well-wishers and corporations.

Caring till the very end

Since 1995, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals and volunteers at Dover Park Hospice has been helping patients spend their last days in comfort and dignity. We adopt a holistic approach to total patient care, with attention not just to their physical needs, but also their social and psychological ones. Our patients have advanced incurable illnesses and are often troubled by symptoms such as breathlessness or nausea. Hence the control of pain and other symptoms is a priority. Equally important is psychosocial care, whether in the form of financial assistance, social activities or formal counselling. Family and friends are included in our circle of care which extends to bereavement support.

Operations & Funding

About 80% of our patients are heavily subsidised, paying only nominal sums. Our annual operating budget expenditure is estimated at $14 million a year, of which 42% is met by government funds, while the rest is raised through donations from individuals and corporate well-wishers.

Total commitment to patient care

At Dover Park Hospice, we strive for the highest standards of care for our patients and staff members are encouraged to upgrade themselves and to keep up to date with current knowledge. We conduct regular courses and welcome field visits and clinical attachments for students and healthcare professionals.