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The Dover Park Hospice logo features two forms – the Circle of Life and the Dove.

The Circle represents the passage of life – The trials and experiences from a life well-lived; a wisdom and certainty that come with age; a personification that death is but the natural completion of life’s cycle.

Significantly, the Circle is not enclosed, allowing the Dove to soar free from the Circle and take flight towards another realm, full of hope and dignity. A subtle shadow in the background hints at the care and compassion that has supported this journey.

A series of artistic brushstroke blends three key colours – Teal, Sky Blue and Dove Grey to form images depicting the Circle and Dove, signifying the graceful transition into timeless serenity.

  • Teal – A symbol of trust, dedication and healing.
  • Sky Blue – Evokes a sense of grace and peace; also brings to mind the “limitlessness” of a blue sky
  • Dove Grey – This warm neutral grey is associated with tranquility and timelessness; suggests of a peaceful state of being