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Creating Fond Memories That Lasts A Lifetime

Creating Fond Memories That Lasts A Lifetime

Bee Cheng, 34, was living life to the fullest. Blessed with two bubbly children aged nine and 12, she enjoyed her passion for music, singing and watching DVD.

All that ended when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in May 2009. As she underwent treatment with multiple hospital admissions, her children became a constant source of worry. She came to Dover Park Hospice with pain and struggling with fear for her children’s future.

This proved to be a turning point. With her pain controlled, she was able to do the things she loved like singing and even at times watching DVD till late at night in the hospice. Despite being unable to fulfill her children’s wish of going to Disneyland, she was still able to enjoy precious moments with them.

She celebrated Mother’s Day at the hospice with her children making decorative cards for her, while a nursing intern gave her a special makeover. Another team organised a surprise party which had her favourite food, prepared by her mother-in-law. This was topped by karaoke, which she enjoyed most. All that was captured on video but more so, in the hearts of her loved ones. Another of her wish was fulfilled when the hospice arranged to have a portrait taken with her husband.

A few days later, she took her last breath, surrounded by the loving embrace of her loved ones.

At Dover Park Hospice, it is about creating precious memories for loved ones, of heartwarming occasions and of living life to the fullest even as we do the best we can to provide comfort from pain with the dedicated effort of our clinical team and volunteers.