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Donation of painting by renowned artist Pierre F. Patricio

Renowned artist Pierre F. Patricio has recently donated one of his paintings to Dover Park Hospice. Titled Sarimanok I & II, the painting will be put on sale and proceeds raised from the sale of the painting will come to Dover Park Hospice to help us continue our mission in providing quality hospice care to terminally ill patients.

If you’re interested in purchasing this beautiful art work by Pierre Patricio, please contact Manager, Donor Management, Ms Lilian Lee at lilian_lee@doverpark.org.sg    


About the Artist

Born in Dumalag, Capiz, Philippines in 1960, he took an interest in visual art at the age of five. Although his parents also recognized his talent, he was sent to study Civil Engineering at the Western Institute of Technology in Iloilo City but later completed a degree in Marine Transportation at the Iloilo Maritime Academy. After graduation, he worked as a geological draftsman for the Azure Mining Corporation and later for several shipping companies in Japan. In 1988, upon moving to Greece, he took up figurative drawing lessons under Lou Efstathiou at the American Hellenic Union in Athens and decided to become a fulltime artist in 1993. In 1998, he transferred to Germany with his family where he was commissioned to design numerous life-size fiberglass sculptures by the German company Buddy Bär Berlin GmbH, many of which were duplicated for souvenir reproduction, and has occasionally pledged his artworks for charitable causes in the Philippines and Africa. After returning to the Philippines in 2005, he eventually relocated to Ireland in 2009 and now resides in Singapore. He currently represents the Philippines in the ongoing United Buddy Bears World Tour Exhibit in aid of UNICEFF spanning five continents and captivating 30 million spectators to date. His paintings and sculptures are in private and public collections throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.


About the Artwork

Sarimanok I & II

70 x 100 cm, Acrylic on Canvas

The sarimanok is a magical bird drawn from the legends of the Maranao, a Muslim ethic group from Mindanao in the southern Philippines. According to tribal folklore, the totem bird symbolizes good fortune and a prosperous harvest characterized by its colourful and leaf-like spiral feathers. Literally derived from the words “sari” meaning “cloth” and “manok” which means “chicken”, it is believed that the bird illustrated a long-tailed fowl that often holds a fish on its beak or claws. Customarily used as a key theme in Maranao art and embroidery, it has become deeply embedded in Philippine Malay-Islamic culture.