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DPH New Corporate Brochures

We just recently revamped two of our corporate brochures – "General Information" and "Thinking of Volunteering?"

The "General Information" brochure enables readers to have a better understanding of what the Hospice does and what we provide. It also touches on key issues like applying for subsidy and use of Medisave. We have also included introduction to our Allied Health professionals (such as our Medical Social Workers, Art, Physio & Occupational Therapists) and Home Care Service.

The "Thinking of Volunteering?" brochure is a pictorial presentation with a brief introduction of the 18 Volunteers groups we have at the Hospice. This will give readers a better idea of what Volunteer groups we have and what groups they may be interested to volunteer in.

Check out our * new * DPH brochures …

For the "General Information" brochure –


For the "Thinking of Volunteering?" brochure –