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Facing Death

If you missed the telecast of the final episode of Facing Death last night, Sunday, 29 November 2015), which featured two of our DPH patients, you can catch it on Toggle — http://video.toggle.sg/en/series/facing-death/ep5/349618.

Follow the lives of two of our patients this Sunday, 29 November 2015, from 8pm, on Channel NewsAsia (CNA). Delve into their world and experience how these two patients' lives were like, as well as hear what their loved ones have to say concerning their journey during their final days and how they fulfilled their final wishes.

This is the final episode of this CNA's five-part Facing Death docu-series, which highlights what Singaporeans care about most when death is near. When faced with a terminal illness, do we seek every possible treatment and prolong dying, or do we work towards a good closure with palliative care? Filmed over the span of half a year, this series tracks the end-of-life journeys of patients, aged 5-93. One of the producers, Mr Yusei Wantanabe, spent more than three months at DPH to film the daily lives of these two patients, and to interview them, their loved ones, and our Staff too.