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Hospice Is

As an invited artist for ‘Hospice is…’project, you will be part of a movement to help raise public awareness on Hospice care and the importance of it as well as raise funds for Dover Park Hospice so that we may continue doing what we do for the patients we serve.

Hospice care is the philosophy of care where special attention is given to terminally-ill patients to help them live in dignity and comfort before leaving. It is not only restricted to the medical management of physical pain and symptoms, but also in meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of the patient as well as their family members.

Upon confirmation of your participation, you will receive a package with a PVC pre-moulded dove figurine and an informational booklet. What you will need to do is to translate your thoughts and feelings about end-of-life and Hospice Care into an art piece created from the doves. You can paint, print, draw, or use any art medium on these doves to translate your thoughts into an artistic piece. Selected doves will then be put together into an exhibition to showcase our community's perspective on end-of-life, and provide an opportunity to  heighten awareness for the Hospice cause. 

All art pieces will also be put on sale during the exhibition as well as other Dover Park Hospice events to help raise funds for the Hospice.

More information on Hospice care, what this project signifies, details on what you are supposed to do will be sent to you upon confirmation of your participation.


By participating in the design of the Dover Park Hospice dove(s) (the "art piece(s)"), I agree to the following terms and conditions:

1) Dover Park Hospice ("DPH") has the right to use and deal with my art piece(s) for sale, auction and/or public display at the above event, or at any other DPH or fundraising events in which DPH is the organiser and/or beneficiary ("Other DPH Event").

2) DPH shall be entitled to retain all proceeds from sale or auction of my art piece(s) in support of the terminally-ill patients it serves. DPH also retain the right to price my art piece(s) as they see fit at the above event or at any Other DPH Event.

3) DPH and/or its appointed curator have absolute discretion to select and exhibit selected art pieces of the various participants at the above event at any any Other DPH Event or otherwise deal with my art piece(s) as DPH and/or its appointed curator deems fit. The art pieces which are not put on display at the exhibition (which may include my art piece(s)) at the above event or at any Other DPH Event may still be made available for sale or auction at any such event. In this connection, I expressly acknowledge and agree that my art piece(s) may or may not be displayed, sold or auctioned

4) I shall have no claim against DPH nor any of its officers, employees or agents whatsoever in connection with the use, sale, display or auctioning of, or any dealing with, my art piece(s). 


Click on the following link to sign up! Once we receive your particulars, we will be contacting you very soon! For more information or enquries, please contact daryl_tan@doverpark.org.sg.

*Participation is open for LASALLE College of the Arts Alumni only.