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Implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 1st March 2014

With effect from 1st March 2014 onwards, Dover Park Hospice (DPH) is required to be registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST). This means that GST will be charged on all DPH's services for its in-hospice or home care patients.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this GST implementation.


1) Why is Dover Park Hospice applicable for GST?

DPH's annual total patients' fees have crossed the $1 million mark as a result of our extension of pallative care to more terminally-ill patients. As such, we are required to charge GST in accordance with Singapore laws.


2) Does Dover Park Hospice profit from the GST?

No. All the GST collected will be paid back to the government in accordance with Singapore's tax laws.


3) Is there any subsidy for GST on healthcare?

Yes. As per the Budget announcement in 2012, the government will absorb the GST costs for all patients who are eligible for government subsidies on their medical bills.


4) Is it a full subsidy of GST?

The government will absorb the GST cost of all medically necessary procedures and items (standard and non-standard) in DPH with the exception of ambulance services (DPH).


5) Why is ambulance service not eligible for GST absorption?

MOH guideline states that transport services such as ambulances are excluded from government GST absorption.


6) How do I apply for GST subsidy?

You will automatically be included in the government GST absorption scheme if you qualify for any form of government subsidy based on your means-test results.


7) What if I do not qualify for GST subsidy?

If you do not qualify for government GST absorption, then you will have to pay for the GST incurred. If you have any issues paying for the additional GST cost, please discuss with your social worker.


8) Is GST claimable from Medisave if I do not qualify for government GST absorption?

Yes. The GST incurred on your bill is payable via Medisave up to S$160/day.


For further information or queries, please email info@doverpark.org.sg.



GST Registration No.: M90369032L