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Our Services

Our Services

Bringing quality hospice care to the next level

To cater for an aging Singapore population, DPH has commenced on plans to expand its capacity, capability and comprehensiveness of services provided. These plans include:

  • Increasing capacity — from 40 beds to 50 beds to cater for greater demand for hospice beds
  • Enhancing capability — the introduction of new procedures and upgrading of facilities to enable the hospice to look after patients who need more care.
  • Improving comprehensiveness of service — embarkation into Home Care to look after our patients who want to be discharged home and be cared for by the same team of healthcare professionals.

Our patients can look forward to improved facilities, such as increase in the number of single rooms, patients’ activity areas, meeting rooms and a patient-friendly environment to encourage them to be out of bed. DPH has also stepped up the recruitment of healthcare professional and staff are undergoing training to handle new procedures.