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Means Testing

What is Means Testing?

Means testing is a confidential income evaluation that the Ministry of Health (MOH) requires Dover Park Hospice to conduct to determine a patient’s financial position in order to provide the annual grant for our services. Lower-income patients receive more subsidies than the higher-income patients at these facilities.

Patients or their families are requested to complete the MOH means test application form with the help of our Medical Social Worker. Information on the per capita income of a patient’s family and supporting documents are required.

Supporting Documents Required

We require the following from patients, their spouses and immediate family members:

  1. Identity card or passport
  2. Current pay slip or latest tax returns
  3. Documents indicating all sources of family members’ income must be submitted together with their NRIC numbers. These include current pay slips or latest income tax returns of:
    • all children
    • siblings who are staying at the same address
  4. Other relevant documents such as letter of adoption, retrenchment letters and Medisave Statements.