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"Thank you for your gracious and selfless help rendered to my late mom who stayed in Dover Park Hospice. My mom has told me that she has felt all your love and care during her stay there. Thank you for making her last days on wonderful earth as pleasant as possible."

– Family of Mdm Chiang C. S. 


"Our family appreciate the care provided to our late dad and also the daily communication to the family on his condition towards his last days, which was very important to us."

– Family of Mr Koh T. S.



"In the difficult times in our family with our family member in her last phase of life, we have been touched by all your care, warmth, dedication & commitment throughout this period. Thank you for making this difficult period less difficult for us by allowing her ti pass on in a caring and dignified manner. We are indeed grateful. Please carry on your good work for others as well!"

Family of Mdm Mak Y. S.


"Thanks to the team who had taken care of our father during the last few weeks of his life. We always left the Hospice at the end of the day knowing that he was left in very capable and caring hands, which has been great comfort to us. The team has been so professional yet friendly at all times, which shows that they are all well trained in their duties. Our father was kept as comfortable as possible throughout his stay at Dover Park Hospice. We will always have good memories of the lovely koi pond and garden, places in the Hospice where our father enjoyed before he passed away. This memory together with the good care received was just brilliant. Thank you very much!"

– Daughters of Mr Swee (Former patient of Dover Park Hospice)



"It is great that the Hospice has art therapy, music therapy, etc… They are all doing a great job. The therapy sessions helped our family to gain a better understanding of our sister who stayed in the Hospice for about 2 months, and we could see that she enjoyed the sessions as well. The nurses and doctors have also been attentive and considerate, they have often responded quickly to any requests made by us caregivers and our sister during her stay. Thank you."

– Lee Family


"Although we are sadden over the passing of our beloved mom, the care, concern, compassion and gentleness that Dover Park Hospice have showered upon her during her illness has not gone unnoticed. We thank you!"

Family of Mdm Phua S. C.


"Very well managed top class facilities. Doctors and nurses are very dedicated, compassionate, attentive, and patient. Our family are truly grateful for the blessing of having the staff look after our mum. Thank you and God bless all of you for the great work you are providing to those walking their last journey on this earth"

– Chen Family


"My family and I would like to thank Dover Park Hospice for not only taking care of my sister, but also help counsel her to ease her mind and manage her expectations. We would like to thank the doctors for patiently helping my sister to manage her pain by adjusting her medication and dosage, the nurses for taking care of her daily living and the volunteers who sang  songs, massage and did memorable scratch book and photo cardboards with her. It is no easy task and you have done a great job. All these made her stay a pleasant one. "

– Mr Yap Kian Hin

"In the last three months of my father's life, he was especially blessed by the DPH home hospice team, whom he called his 'earthly angels'. To the DPH care team, thank you for making Dad's final journey and days more comfortable to bear, and for your patience, tireless visits and the memorable emergency calls during Dad's last days. Without your team, caring for Dad at home till his passing, which was his last wish, would have been impossible. "

– Karen

"Before my mother’s admission to Dover Park Hospice, we had heard about Hospice Care but was not fully aware of how it is run; and "hospice" conjured up images of poorly run organisations with run-down equipment and grouchy staff. However, all this negative impression changed after my mother's admission to the Dover Hospice. From the reception staff, security guard, to the nurses and doctors, we had during this very difficult period of ours, experienced the professionalism, personal touch, patience, sensitivity of your entire team throughout my mother's stay. My mother had left us peacefully in the good care of your team. A big thank you to all of you. "

Mr Neo C. K


"My father left us peacefully. During the past month while he was in Dover Park Hospice, he was very well cared for by all members of the staff and team of volunteers. I think that was one of the best things that could have been done in his final days. He felt comfortable and was dignified throughout his sojourn. I would like to thank all of you for your honorable social work that is meaningful making a positive difference to all those under your care."

Mr J. Wong


"With the funeral behind me now, I want to take this opportunity to ask you to convey my thanks to the doctors and nursing staff who provided the care and attention which my wife needed in the two months that she was there. I was at the hospice every day while she was there and I could see the effort that the staff has to put in looking after the terminally ill. My hats off to these wonderful dedicated people!"

Mr C. Quah