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AIC ILTC Excellence Awards 2014

The exemplary performance from our team at Dover Park Hospice were recognized at the inaugural AIC ILTC Excellence awards 2014. 

We won 8 Service Quality Awards – Silver, 2 Good Practice Awards, and a merit award for the poster competition with the entry "Integrated Home Hospice care – Impact on family caregiver satisfaction".

We were the winners in the “Productivity & Innovation” category for Good Practice Awards and also received a merit award for “Service Quality Improvement”. The winning “Breakthrough” project streamlines work processes for the Home Care team in administering medication through standardized labelling and utilizing Kanban lean methodology on stocks for medication and consumables, which has also been adopted for the in-patient setting.


8 Individual Awards – Service Quality (Silver Award)

The individuals are:

Dr Ong Wah Ying

Ms Chin Soh Mun

Ms Chee Wai Yee

Dr Hoh Sek Yew

Ms Susan Chan

Ms Tan Li Kuan

Ms Chen Wei Ting

Mr Steven New                  

2 Team Awards – Good Practice Awards               

(i)    Productivity & Innovation by Home Care Team

(ii)   Service Quality Improvement by Inpatient & Clinical Operations Team