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Calendar of Events 2017

2017 is a significant milestone for DPH as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary. It is a time to be thankful as many have contributed to the success of DPH today. To-date, we have been able to serve more than 11,000 patients and support their families. It is also a time to look forward as DPH continues its mission to make every moment matter for our patients and their families.

Our 25th Anniversary theme is a continuation of our current motto, “Every Moment Matters.” The 25th Anniversary theme is timely because it helps all of us reflect on how we are “Making Every Moment Matter,” not only for our patients, but also for ourselves, our family, and our friends.

As we celebrate 25 Years of DPH, an Anniversary motto has been created to proclaim “25 years of Creating Moments that Matter.” This motto will be weaved into all the DPH corporate events in the upcoming year. A framing device, which we often see on social media, specifically on Instagram, will be used to highlight and capture those moments that truly matter.

Some main highlights of DPH’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations will include our Gala Ball, a Road Show, and a Charity Concert, which will be held towards the end of 2017. More details to come.

DPH will also produce several 25th Anniversary commemorative items, including a small book, which highlights the journey of DPH over the past 25 years for our staff and volunteers. So keep a look out for it.

We look forward to an exciting second half of 2017, when we will pick up momentum for our 25th Anniversary celebrations.

DPH Calendar of Events 2017