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Wednesday, 27 March 2013
Singapore Island Country Club (New Course, Thomson Location)
Shotgun Tee-off at 1.00pm
The Dover Park Hospice Charity Golf 2013 is an event under the umbrella of DPH's 20th Anniversary Celebrations and seeks to raise funds from the sale of flights and outright donations so that Dover Park Hospice can continue to provide compassionate and quality care to more terminally ill patients in Singapore and help these patients to live their last days in dignity. 
There will also be a charity auction during the dinner, where beautiful paintings will be up for bids. The proceeds from the auctioned paintings will be donated to Dover Park Hospice, and we thank these kind painters for graciously contributing their artwork for a charitable cause.
Auction Item 01
Title: Portofino, Italy
Dimension: 73cm x 53cm
Medium: Water on Dutch paper 300ibs
Author: Ong Kim Seng  AWS DF  NWS



Recommended Retail Price: SGD 10,000
Minimum Bid: SGD 8,500
Famed local artist Mr Ong Kim Seng, whose works have been in the collection of Queen Elizabeth II of England, the Prime Minister of the People's Republic Of China, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, President of the Republic of Korea just to name a few, has put up his painting titled "Portofino, Italy" for the charity auction. This piece was inspired during his travels.
Auction Item 02
Title: Kampung Buangkok



Dimension: 30cm x 40cm
Medium: Watercolour on
Author: Dr Ho Kee Hang
Recommended Retail Price: SGD 1,200
Minimum Bid: SGD 1,000
Auction Item 03


Title: Nepalese Villager With Goats
Dimension: 40cm x 30cm
Medium: Watercolour on paper
Author: Dr Ho Kee Hang


Recommended Retail Price: SGD 1,200
Minimum Bid: SGD 1,000
Dr Ho Kee Hang started painting in watercolour over seven years ago. He only produces a limited number of paintings each year because of his busy neurosurgical practice. Dr Ho is a member of the Singapore Watercolour Society and has participated in a number of exhibitions. One of his paintings is on display at the Singapore Gamma Knife Centre.
For those keen to contribute towards this fundraising event, please contact:




Ms Lilian Lee
Manager, Donor Management
Tel: 6500 7275