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Gurmit Singh is Dover Park Hospice’s first Goodwill Ambassador

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Gurmit Singh to Bust Myths about Hospice Care

Dover Park Hospice appoints Gurmit Singh to be its first celebrity ambassador

22 August 2017 : Dover Park Hospice appoints local celebrity and television personality Gurmit Singh to be its Ambassador for its 25th Anniversary outreach campaign, “Hospice care is a wise choice”

He will be the first celebrity ambassador for Dover Park Hospice (DPH), a secular charity hospice.  He will  help bust myths about hospice care and spread  awareness on how hospice care can help seriously-ill patients live life meaningfully and with purpose, making every moment matter. 

Prof Lionel Lee, Chairman of Dover Park Hospice said, “We are delighted to have Gurmit on board to help us de-mystify hospice care.  While hospice care has been available in Singapore for decades and has helped numerous patients, many seriously-ill patients and family members continue to have mis-perceptions.“

He added, “They usually perceive the Hospice as a gloomy place and coming to a Hospice as “giving up”.  Because of their perception, some may be reluctant to consider hospice care and pursue futile aggressive treatment to the end.  We hope through our campaign and with Gurmit as our ambassador, more people can come to understand how Hospice care can enhance the quality of life for seriously-ill patients and help them find comfort and peace.”

According to DPH’s medical social worker, the 5 most common myths among patients and families which they encounter at the first interview before admission are:

  Myths Reality
1. Hospice provides no care or less care for the patient The Hospice provides MORE care for the patient.


At the Hospice, the patient is cared for and supported for by a clinical team comprising of doctors, nurses, medical social workers, therapists and volunteers.  They work towards enhancing the patient’s quality of life by keeping them comfortable and  managing their symptoms such as pain and nausea through medicines, therapy and other supportive treatment.  They also work with other specialists from Acute Hospitals and National Centres to care for the patients.

2. Doctors and nurses are not as qualified as those in hospitals Doctors and nurses in the hospice are  trained in palliative care.  Some of them are specialists as well.


In DPH, we provide palliative care training for other doctors and nurses in Singapore and other regional countries.  Our clinical team are also in the forefront of palliative care innovation and research.

3. Hospice is a gloomy place, like a dying house.  It is not suitable for children and elderly to visit The hospice is full of life and activities.  Patients can take part in craft activities, therapy and outings.  People of all ages can visit and we encourage family and friends to hold gatherings with their loved ones at the Hospice.  We had families hold birthday parties and reunion dinners at DPH.  We also had patients who had  mahjong games with friends.
4. Families feel that they are “abandoning” the patient by choosing Hospice The Hospice is a partner in care and we work with the family in caring for the patient.  As psychosocial support is a main part of what we do at the Hospice, we provide support for the family and work with them to help the patient find closure and peace.


The family can also be with the patient at the Hospice at all times.

5. Hospice is a “one way traffic” – cannot going home. Patient and family members always have choice and control over their care.  They can go back on home leave, or choose to return home after a period of time.  We also have patients who choose to go home in the last few days, so that they can die at home.


These myths are usually addressed at the interview by the staff.  For patients who enter the Hospice reluctantly, many of them soon changed their mind when they found that they were well-supported, they had control and choices and they were living life meaningfully.

Gurmit Singh wished he had known about hospice care when his dad and mum had cancer 15 years ago.  He said, “As the son and the caregiver, it was hard, difficult and emotionally and physically draining.  The load and stress didn’t just affect me but those close to me as well.   I couldn’t help but think there must be a better way.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know about hospice care then. That is why, when I learnt about what Dover Park Hospice is doing and how hospice care can help both the patients and their families, I know this is the answer.”

He emphasized, “I want to help caregivers who were like me to know that hospice care is a wise and viable choice.  I want to help seriously-ill patients who think they have no choice but a painful death, to know that there is a choice and that hospice care can help them.”

DPH is rolling out an outreach campaign during its 25th anniversary to share with the public why “Hospice care is a wise choice” for a person with a serious illness.  Gurmit Singh will be participating in DPH’s outreach events and will be spreading the message through the media, social media as well as the Community Roadshow in Bishan Community Club from 23-24 September 2017.


For more information, please contact:


Ms Kaitlyn Ng
Executive, Corporate Communications
Dover Park Hospice
Email : Kaitlyn_ng@doverpark.sgMs Sim Ai Ling
Communications Consultant,
Dover Park Hospice
Email : ailing_sim@doverpark.sg


Who are we?

Dover Park Hospice was founded in 1992 as a secular, non-profit organisation to meet the growing need in Singapore for hospice care for terminally-ill patients. It is Singapore’s first purpose-built hospice, designed to provide a serene environment close to nature.

Dover Park Hospice was started by volunteers, and today volunteers continue to play an integral role in all aspects of hospice work, from patient care to social activities and administrative support. They are an important complement to the permanent staff, working together for patients and their families. 

Open to everyone regardless of age, race, religion or income level, Dover Park Hospice is dedicated to meeting the unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those who are nearing the end of life’s journey.   The goal is to enhance the living, comfort the dying and support the grieving with compassion and dignity.

At Dover Park Hospice, Every Moment Matters.  Since 1992, we have brought care and comfort to more than 11,000 terminally-ill patients and their families through a programme of active and compassionate service.