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International Volunteer Day 2015

It's International Volunteer Day 2015 tomorrow, Saturday, 5 December 2015. And on this special occasion, Dover Park Hospice would like to take this opportunity to THANK and acknowledge all our 400+ DPH Volunteers, from the 18 Volunteer Groups, named after precious stones, for their unwavering support and commitment to the Hospice and its patients:

• Aquamarine – Volunteers from Moulmein CCC
• Amethyst – Singing Volunteers who perform for patients
• Crystal – Volunteers who does fundraising for DPH with their arts & craft
• Diamond – A Malay-centric Group that organises the monthly birthday celebrations for patients and annual Hari Raya celebrations
• Emerald – Volunteers who bring our patients out for weekly outings to various places of interests

• Garnet – Volunteer Ambassadors who support DPH in public awareness efforts
• GEMS – The in-house choir consisting of DPH staff and volunteers that perform for patients and at DPH events
• Jade – A Chinese-based Group that organises celebratory events for patients during Lunar New Year and Mid-Autumn festival
• Lapis Lazuli – Volunteers who befriend patients and their family members as well as do outreach during Vesak Day celebrations at Amitabha Buddhist Centre
• Opal – Volunteers who are trained to provide massages to patients to ease their aches and pains
• Pearl – Volunteers who prepare nutritious home-cooked soups for patients

• Ruby – Volunteers who bring their pets to interact with patients under our Pets-Assisted Therapy (PAT) Program
• Sapphire (Befriending) – An English-speaking Group that focuses on befriending and providing music for patients’ listening pleasure
• SOKA – Volunteers who prepare local delights such as Kopi & Roti for patients
• Sunstone – Volunteers who provide hairdressing / grooming services for patients
• Tanzanite – Young volunteers from NTU’s Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMed)
• Topaz – Gardening Group that helps maintain the lush greenery at DPH
• Turquoise – Volunteers who help provide Home Care Services


Keep your eyes peeled for three special features on our DPH Volunteers/Groups, appearing on our eNEWS portal this weekend: https://enews.doverpark.org.sg/index.html.