Year 2021
May 2021

Programme Dignity

Programme Dignity is a first-of-its-kind home palliative care programme specially designed for those with advanced dementia. For patients with advanced dementia, they experience better quality of life when they are allowed to spend their final days in the comfort of their homes – they ate better, showed less agitation, had less pain and needed fewer trips to the hospital, compared with those in medical facilities.

Under Programme Dignity, medical social workers, nurses and doctors visit patients in their homes about three to four times a month. Not only do they provide medical help, they also conduct activities such as music therapy and caregivers training on how to recognise symptoms such as why a patient is crying or moaning.

These visits make a difference.

Your donation will help us fulfil our mission and enable patients with advanced dementia to spend their last days with dignity. For each donation sum, a minimum of $1,000 is required before it can be officially accepted as part of the Programme Dignity fund. Donations that amount to less than $1,000 will be designated to the general donation.

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