1. If I make a donation, am I entitled to tax deductions? Are there instances where my donations are not entitled for tax deductions?

Dover Park Hospice is awarded the status as an Institute of Public Character (IPC). Any outright cash donations are eligible for tax deduction subjected to the current tax policy which is at 2.5 times. Donations are to be made by 31 December to be included in the tax assessment on the prevailing year.

Any sponsorship or in-kind donations that include the display of marketing collaterals are regarded as advertising and hence not eligible for tax deduction.

2. Will I receive a tax deduction receipt for my donation?

Dover Park Hospice will no longer issue hard copy tax receipt for any donations receive from 1st April 2023 onwards. As Dover Park Hospice will transmit electronically the details of your donation to IRAS on your behalf. Tax deductions for your qualifying donations will be automatically reflected in your tax assessments. IRAS will no longer accept claims for tax deduction based on donation receipts.

3. What payment gateways are available if I want to make a donation?

We have partnered with PayPal, which provides a convenient payment gateway for you to use your credit cards to make a donation via this website directly. This gateway currently supports all local and international VISA, MasterCard and American Express credit card transactions.

However, if you would like to make a payment via SGQR Code, through supported mobile apps like e.g. DBS PayLah! or PayNow. Please refer to the QR code below. To receive tax deduction benefits, please email the following details to dph_fundraising@doverpark.sg or call 6500 6590 for assistance/queries.

  •   Full name
  •   NRIC No.
  •   Address
  •   Mobile Phone No.
  •   Date of donation
  •   Donated amount
  •   Transaction ID

4. When will the monthly donation be deducted from my bank account? How do I make changes to my monthly donation amount? Can I terminate my monthly donation anytime and who should I contact?

For monthly GIRO donations, deductions should be made from your account in the last week of each month (27th to 31st). If monthly GIRO donors wish to change their donation amount, they will be required to fill up a new form and return the original form to Dover Park Hospice. Should donors wish to terminate their monthly donations, they should inform their respective banks for termination and send an email to dph_fundraising@doverpark.sg.

5. Who can I talk to regarding in-kind donations or fundraising activities?

You may drop an email to dph_fundraising@doverpark.sg and the fundraising team will follow up with you within 2-3 working days.

6. Is there a minimum amount for donation?

There is no minimum amount required. However, only donation of $10 and above will be eligible for tax-deduction.

7. Can I donate anonymously?

Yes. Kindly inform us on your wish to remain anonymous and we will respect your request.

8. What will my donations be used for?

Your donations will allow us to extend our circle of care to patients and families, and go towards subsidising the costs of providing hospice care for our patients, especially the low-income families at different trajectories of their illnesses. We thank you for this meaningful gift to support our work.