Overseeing the hospice’s day-to-day operations, our management staff strives for the highest standards of care that our patients deserve.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Timothy Liu
Medical Director Dr Mervyn Koh
Senior Consultant Dr Allyn Hum
Senior Consultant Dr Joseph Ong
Head of Home Care Dr Yee Choon Meng
Director of Nursing Ms Chin Soh Mun
Head, Social Work & Psychosocial Services Ms Martha Ng 
Manager, Communications & Outreach Ms Jenny Goo
Manager, Training Department Ms Tan Li Kuan
Manager, Finance, Admin & Patient Services Ms Karen Tan
Manager, Fundraising Mr Alex Ho
Manager, Human Resource Ms Teresa Tang 
Manager, Information Technology Mr Kwok Wing Kit
Manager, Volunteer Programme Ms Tok Shou Wee
Manager, Operations and Facilities Mr Kenneth Chan
Assistant Manager, Patient Services Ms Joyce Lee

Our Staff

At the heart of our palliative care is our multidisciplinary team comprising doctors and nurses specialising in palliative care, medical social workers, art therapist, music therapist, physiotherapists and occupational therapists in providing holistic quality palliative care. The team jointly assess, discuss and plan for the care of the patients including working with caregivers in ensuring continuum of care.

Our nursing team provides round-the-clock care with input from our doctors to ensure symptoms relief. We work with patients and their loved ones on their care plan as we strive to achieve their needs.

Our medical social workers assume the role of care managers, working with patients and their family members, in providing social, emotional, spiritual and psycho-social support.

Using creative art forms as communicative channels, our music and art therapists help our patients and their families to express their emotions and share their experiences.

Our physiotherapists work with our patients in maintaining or improving their physical and functional status to enhance their quality of life.

Our occupational therapists support our patients in engaging them in meaningful everyday activities to being about a sense of purpose and normalcy for them.