Overseeing the hospice’s day-to-day operations, our management staff strives for the highest standards of care that our patients deserve.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Timothy Liu
Medical Director Dr Ong Wah Ying
Senior Consultant Dr Allyn Hum
 Consultant Dr Yang Sze Yee
Director of Nursing Ms Chin Soh Mun
Head, Social Work & Psychosocial Services Ms Cheong Ee May Deidre Adele
Manager, Education & Research Ms May Siu
Manager, Finance & Administration Mr Steven Foo
Manager, Information Technology Mr Kwok Wing Kit
Manager, Human Resource Mdm Violet Cheong
Manager, Volunteer Programme Ms Tok Shou Wee
Assistant Manager, Clinical Administration Ms Joyce Lee
Assistant Manager, Finance Ms Karen Tan
Assistant Manager, Fundraising Ms Michelle Too
Assistant Manager, Operations Mr Steven Yeo


At the heart of our palliative care are our Allied Health professionals, Comprising medical social workers (MSWs), creative art therapists, physiotherapists (PT), and occupational therapists (OT), this multi-disciplinary team offers holistic support to our patients and their loved ones. Their expertise in diagnostic, technical, therapeutic, and supportive services, ensures efficient delivery of top-notch palliative care.

Our MSWs assume the role of care managers to ensure resources and services are accessible, available and appropriate for our patients and their families. They support and provide relevant assistance to patients and their loved ones.

Our music and art therapists use creative art forms as communicative channels to help our patients and their families express their experiences.

Our PTs work on the physical and functional dimensions achievable by our patients.

Our OTs support our patients to continue meaningful engagement in everyday activities.