Our volunteers are an indispensable pillar of love and support to our patients. That’s why we encourage them to grow with us, and many of them have stood alongside us for years.

Through our various training courses, we carve out volunteer development paths for those who desire it.

Beyond picking up useful skills and knowledge, our volunteers gain renewed perspectives from spending time at our hospice.

For students on Values-in-Action (VIA), we also conduct orientation and organised activities to prepare them for what is likely to be a life-changing experience. 

We welcome volunteering enquiries at volunteer@doverpark.sg.

If you wish to sign up as a volunteer, please click/tap on this link.



Upcoming Courses

By invitation only (volunteer applicants must receive invitation to attend the respective training)
*Dates are subjected to changes

Dates Courses: Time:
18th Aug 2020  Introduction to Volunteering at DPH [in English] 7pm – 8pm 
19th Sep 2020 Orientation Training [in English] 9am – 1pm
3rd Oct 2020 Basic Palliative Care Volunteer Training for Volunteers (Part 1) [in English] 9am – 3pm
10th Oct 2020
& 17th Oct 2020
Basic Palliative Care Volunteer Training for Volunteers (Part 2) [in English] 9am – 5pm