Mdm Noraini is a 62 year-old home care patient of Dover Park Hospice who has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease.  However, that does not stop her from sharing and doing the things she loves.

Cooking, to her, is a symbol of togetherness and love. She learnt to cook from her late father when she was much younger, and enjoyed cooking for him when she grew up. Cooking brings about fond memories of her late father as she remembers the look of satisfaction on his face whenever he tasted her food.

As part of Dover Park Hospice’s Make-It-Happen project, Mdm Noraini’s passion for cooking has materialised into a recipe book with the hope to pass on to her niece who has asked for her recipes, for her personal keepsake and legacy purposes and to share with everyone – a collection of all the various tantalising delicacies she has created.

Check out Mdm Noraini’s Recipe Book and taste the love! 

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