“You can make more money, but you cannot make more time. Time is precious”. – These were words of wisdom I learnt from a patient.

Working as a music therapist, I use music to journey with patients and families at Dover Park Hospice. I make every moment matter by being fully present when I’m with them. We celebrate life, going through sadness and regrets as well as happiness and achievements. Through music, we communicate and connect with each other as well as with ourselves, experiencing the moment to the fullest.

Patients are the experts of their own narratives, and by respecting each precious line of their stories, we make every moment matter. Sometimes we revisit their past through their songs and lenses, sometimes we experience the present moment by being immersed in the music and whatever brought by the music, and sometimes we might write a song for the future, leaving a legacy for their loved ones.

Journeying with patients and families at Dover Park Hospice has taught me to be appreciative to everything and to really treasure every moment, no matter it being a happy moment or a sad moment, because every moment is unique, and every moment matters.

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